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Upcycled Bathtub Veggie Gardens

The team at Creative Cooks Kitchen love recycling things and extending the life of what ever we can, so we had an old bath tub and thought why not make it a veggie garden...
So what we did was contact onto several building recyclers and see if we could source more, turns out GumTree is your friend to get these.

With the Help of the local Scout group we built the frames and then dropped the bath tubs into place.

Bath Tub Garden

Once we got the warehouse to a position where we thought we could we planted them out and stood back and watched the fun begin.

Here you can see we have planted Chilis, English Spinish and Tomatos

Kale and Butternut Pumpkin

Bath Tub Gardens

Perennial Basil, Coriander, Rocket, and Zucchini

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