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Creative Cooks Kitchen - Kickstarter Week 1 Update

Well its been a week since we have launched our Kickstarter campaign, our original video has done really well on Facebook reaching over 9000+ people and being watched by 600+ of those people.

2020-06 Kickstarter Week 1 Facebook

So, what we thought we would do is update you on what’s going on, what we have been doing, where the warehouse is up to.

First what have we been doing, well if you subscribe to our Weekly newsletter, you would have received an email with this week’s recipes. If you have not yet subscribed don’t worry you can still access the recipes, and we have set the website up so that on the left hand side you can subscribe, or if your browsing on the site a subscribe screen will appear so you can.

Else just follow this link to our recipes

Second, we have been busy cleaning and getting the warehouse ready so that hopefully we can get everything ready for the construction team to install the grease trap with no obstructions. We want to show you once this campaign is successful that we will be open as fast as we can.

Third, Tracy, Wally and Kristie have all been busy in the office contacting local Parliament members, social influencers, and potential partners and or investors.

Fourth, we have been recording videos of recipes so you can watch them, as well as download the ingredients list and method off our recipe blog page. You can also check out our social media and website as we are uploading new recipes each week.

Show us your support by Liking, Sharing, and Supporting our Kickstarter campaign and the team at Creative Cooks Kitchen will keep making these updates as we go, we will keep posting the recipe newsletters and letting you know what has happened here at the warehouse.


Thanks, from all the team at Creative Cooks Kitchen

Tracy and Wally Ellem

Kristie and Dominic Nyman

Sari Heiskanen

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