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Week Day Dinners - Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Sometimes it can be hard to think of things interesting to make for dinner especially when your week is super busy and so , so tempting to get take out.

Recently we decided to start trialing some spice suppliers and this recipe uses one of their spice blends. Thank you to Deborah Hammond of The Real Food Pantry Australia.

I love experimenting and enjoy tastes from all around the world.

We hope to soon have their goods on our website so you can also enjoy them too...

Start by heating oil of choice in a large heavy based pan, add fresh curry leaves if yo have them

Add slice 1 medium sized onion, 4 cloves of garlic and 3 cm piece of ginger

Once aromatic herbs and spices are smelling nice and starting to colour add chicken thighs

Brown the chicken and then add your the spice mix

Cook through til every piece of chicken coated and add 1 tin of crushed tomatoes

At this point you have a few options either add or delete a dairy product

I find that coconut cream, pouring cream both nice options but some natural yogurt or sour cream can reduce fat , just remember if using yogurt or sour cream due to  the acid  in it, it is likely to split your sauce.

Don't worry it  wont taint the flavour but if you dont like the look you can add a little bit of starch to bind the sauce together, the choice is yours..

Once you have your sauce cook your chicken til cooked through and sauce thickens to your desired level, putting a lid one at this stage keeps your meat juicy and quickens the cook time, however take it off to thicken the sauce before serving

When I eat curry i love a few poppadoms and nice long grain rice


Rice was cooked using the microwave, inn the picture you will notice all rice ends sticking up, and water fully absorbed this tells me it is ready

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