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Tracy's Delicious Apple Tarte Tatin

I know many of us don't have time to make everything from scratch  (even though I do like making puff pastry) that from time to time as a mum, who runs Creative Cooks Kitchen I find having some simple ways to simplify or "Cheat" in a recipe a way to make more accessible to a larger group of people as well a time saver that is really very scrum-my. 
I was also inspired to make something with fruit that was sitting in my crisper and past their best to eat fresh, but still can be used in a recipe like this, a way of ensuring we are sustainable in our food practices..
The skins and cores were given to my chickens which they love :)
2 x store bought puff pastry
60g Salted Butter
5 small apples (any variety)
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/2 a vanilla bean seeds removed
250g Raw sugar ground to a fine powder
1. Find a oven proof fry pan
2. Bring puff pastry out of the freezer
3. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees
4. Prepare your apples skins and cored - I used a an slinky cutter 
5. Place apples in acidulated water if you cant make straight away either lemon juice or white vinegar to cold water to cover the apples
6. In your pan melt butter over stove, once foaming add sugar keep stirring til dissolved and caramel will start to form
7. Add apples and spices and cook til tender then remove from the heat
8. Cool slightly if you have the patience
9. Place your two sheets of pastry over the apple , caramel and pock down to make a lip 
10. Use a knife to prick a few air holes 
11. Place your oven proof pan into your oven, should be nice and brown on top 
12. Remove and turn over onto a plate slightly bigger than your pan, it will be hot and steamy so be careful
13. Eat while warm or just as yummy cold but lovely with some cream, ice cream or yogurt
14. Enjoy :)
15. Remember to feed the chickens or other pets that eats fruit, or add to a compost bin
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