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Tracy's Chocolate Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake Base

Biscuits of your choice - I used Chocolate Digestives for the in the picture below
quantity of biscuits will vary dependent on size of pan and also the thickness desired for your base, if you have a bit extra can always push up the sides too as seen the picture of mine this time.
A good guide is you need a minimum of about 1.5 cm overall thickness 
So pound or blend 250g biscuits to a crumb
Melted Butter 125g 
Mix crumbs and butter together till becomes sticky, then line your baking tray with the is mix as even as you can

Cheese Cake Filling

1 x 250 g cream cheese
350 mls thickened cream
3 whole eggs
125g caster sugar
1.5 tablespoon arrowroot flour
Vanilla bean paste 
Lemon juice from 1 large lemon and its zest
Blend together to a thickened and double in size using a machine with whisk mixer attachment

Method to put together

Use a 6.5 inch or 16.5 cm spring form tin (internal measurements)
Cook the base in oven 180 degree for about 10 mins then cool
Once cool pour in the filing mixture, tap cake filled tin on the bench to eliminate air pockets before cooking.
Cook the cheese cake at 120 to 150 degrees for about 1 to 1.5 hours
Once cooked cool and chill over night in the refrigerator, cover to avoid moisture getting into the cake
Decorate as desired

Cheese Cake Decoration

Tracys Chocolate Cheese Cake

Whipped cream and fruits make for a nice additional and cuts through the richness if the cake
This cake I used a piping bag and nozzle with cream to form a nest to hold blue berries and raspberries and tried Kiwi berries for the first time
Cut fruits to make for easy eating and visually appealing.
Enjoy being creative :)
Tracys Chocolate Cheese Cake
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