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Thai Beef salad with Green Papaya

1 nice piece of rump steak , cook whole on a bbq or griddle or heavy based pan

Season and cook a few minutes before ready to eat

Green papaya is used a lit on Asian food and well known in the Thai beef salad

I am fortunate enough to grow these in my back yard and they are amazing , I use then as a noodle replacement, green vegetable in slow cooked curries, and ripe as fruit in smoothies and Gelato and also in curries to add body and sweetness.

Can also make a great jam or chutney with them.

To know you have a green papaya ready to use for this salad score and you should see the white sap this will disappear as they age

check for ripeness

Peel the use either traditional vegetable peeler or a Juliane peeler, be wary though they are spiky and sharp but give you a great look

Use peer to make stips of the white flesh

Mortar and pestle all the flavours familiar to Thai cuisine

Peanuts, palm sugar, ginger, garlic , chilli, corrinander roots, lime zest and juice, fish sauce, sesame seeds and oil then add papaya

papaya and spices

could also add the yummy crispy shallots you will find in an Asian grocery too either in marinade or on top as a edible garnish

Other salad components

Cumber, carrot, coriander and mint leaves, green shallots if takes your fancy into a bowl to top with the papaya and spice mix then the meat

medium rare steak

Layer it up and enjoy :)

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