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Sourkrout with Native Bush Spices

1/2 large Thinly sliced sweet cabbage

native spices in with cabbage

1/2 tablespoon Artisan Salt

Pepper berry Leaves

Anise Myrtle leaves whole dried

Make sure you hands and jar is sterilized to minimize growth of any bacteria

Slice cabbage and add the salt and spices rub throughout and let sit covered but at room temp, it will start to sweat fairly quickly

Mix it with your hands or use pestle to crush slightly and juices will release, keep doing til you have enough liquid to cover the cabbage in the jar

cabbage juice

Leave at room temp try and do when not too cold or not too hot for about 7 days ideally every day massage and push cabbage under the liquid

Then refrigerate and you should get a few months out of it, try and keep an eye on moisture content the more their is the more likely wont spoil.

Enjoy with smoked meats, hot dogs etc

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