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Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto

A healthy mid week meal, jam packed with flavour.
Can be made a head of time and frozen or in fridge in air tight container for about a week
Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - Ingredients
In a mini chopper add;
Raw broccolini my favorite or broccoli in small pieces approx 8 pieces approx 4 cm wide
6-8 stalks with leaf perennial basil
8 stalks with leaf ,flat leaf parsley
Thyme or oregano is nice to add if you have it
1.5 tsp Salt flakes
1 full lemon zested
1 lemon juiced
4 cloves of garlic
100g nuts you like , i have used pine nuts, walnuts, almonds all great 
50g strong parmasen cheese
Olive oil
 Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - added to the blender
Once this is blended to a smooth consistency, bring the dish to life
Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - blended 
In a heavy large pot bring salted water to boil
Cook for favourite pasta shape and size as to the packed instructions or til andante or "to the tooth"
In a large heavy pan heat 2 tablespoons extra olive oil and add desired pesto and cook til it sizzles and your house smells amazing
Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - Cooking the pesto
Your pasta should be almost cooked and add 1/2 cup of the pasta cooking water to your pan
Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - Prepare Broccolini
Then add some fresh pieces of broccoli if desired and your drained pasta,  if possible retain some liquid just in case you want to thin out your sauce more
 Pasta with Broccolini and Pesto - Mix it all together and then serve
Serve hot or cold its up to you , enjoy :) 
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