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Blueberry and Banana French Toast

Wholemeal bread cut into nice thick slices 1 to 2 pieces per person

2 large eggs, milk and a little vanilla sugar 1- 2 tspoons

Mix the egg and mil and sugar together in a shallow bowl or tray

Heat a heavy based pan and melt olive oil approx 1 tablespoon and a little butter about 5 grams

Once butter is melted and sizzling , dip your bread in egg mixture then place into the pan.  Don't make the burner too hot as will caramelize quiocky but may not cook all the way through.  I turn to cook on both sides and then to ensure egg cooked all the way through put in a hot oven 180 degrees for 5 to 10 mins depending on how much I have made.

Toppings you can choose ones you like, I enjoy fresh or stewed fruits, yogurt or double cream with a nice reduction either maple syrup, homey, golden syrup or "Fat Pig Farm ", yummy Apple syrup we picked up in April 2019 from Sadie...

A little dash of cinnamon on top is also really nice :)

Apple syrup and cinnamon


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