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Be Gluten Free! -Turkish Baked chicken and salad

This recipe was inspired by Cook, Rick Steins recipe

Mixed chicken pieces on the bone marinated in olive oil, tomato paste, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, somac ,sesame seeds, chopped garlic, maple syrup and pomegranate juice approx 40 mls (reserve seeds for salad) let it marinade for a few hrs or overnight.

Marinate your chicken pieces

Once marinated arrange chicken pieces on large baking tray, and bake in a 180 degree fan forced oven for about 20 to 30 mins

Place on a tray and bake in oven
Mixed gain and lentil salad

Mixed grain and lentils
I find having a blend of grains mean easier to digest but also looks super pretty and injects lots of nutrition.

Long grain rice cooked in microwave or other favorite method of choice

Microwaved long grain rice
Quinoa -I often use a blend of colour here, also gives great texture as I am a big believer in eating with your eyes too..

Quinoa cooked til they split
Green french lentil- , I find these are quite a nice size also when they cook they don't go mushy like others and ad a great contrast in my salad.

Small green french lentil til al dante
Cook in salted water you will notice the grain will soak up the water and swell and split open

Once all three items are cooked make up a blend that appeals I again use my eyes here, and feel this is important as if I served my kids a plate top heavy of the lentil or quinoa I would see they wouldn't eat but gradually adding small amounts especially initially can be a great way to slowly introduce but also you may find it can irritate tummy's if not used to it, I have IBS and so too much fibre can get me, so being able to blend like this is liberating

Blend grains and lentil to form base of salad
Great thing about these is you could freeze separately to add to other meals i,e. your next spaghetti bolognaise or as I did this time made enough for two big salads I froze the exact same ratios ready for my next meal requiring this.

Dress your grains and lentils
Dressing for salad-
Olive oil
lemon juice , lemon zest
Mustard powder
fresh herbs could be added too i.e. parsley, native bush mint, thyme , oregano, etc

Salad embellishments -
Warmed Sliced almonds and cumin seeds, cold pomegranate seeds, greens of choice cucumber and rocket are favorites in my household

Add greens etc
I also had an eggplant which I sliced into large pieces and fried off with garlic powder, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, cinnamon, and dressed with olive oil and a dash on vinegar was delicious with this too, and for those who want to cut out meat altogether would be great alternative using banana chilies, or capsicum, artichokes, peppers and zucchini, tomatoes etc

Eggplant and spices
Give this recipe ago, a great family meal, we enjoyed ours sitting in our new entertaining area at the back of our house...Enjoy :)
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