Be Gluten Free! - Harrisons Chia, banana and coconut pudding

Simple breakfast or dessert , my kids can even whip up

1 banana

1 tin coconut cream

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1/2 tsp cinnamon

100g chia seeds

Mash everything except the coconut cream and chia seed in a bowl

Mash banana, maple syrup and cinnamon

Add chia seed and coconut cream and stir through

Add chia seeds Pour in cocunut cream

Once all ingredients well mixed either transfer into an air tight container, or cover with cling or into serving classes and place in fridge to set, usually swells up over about 8 hours when you have not blended the seed, if blending you may find sets a bit quicker...

Once all stirred together cover and refriedgerate til set

A gluten free option and nutritious breakfast or dessert, great with a dob of yogurt and other seasonal fruits and nuts..